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The trend of labeling women “crazy” is part of the culture that socializes women to go along to get along. When women are told over and over again that they’re not allowed to feel the way they feel and that they’re being “unreasonable” or “oversensitive”, they’re conditioned to not trust their own emotions. Their behavior – being assertive, even demanding or standing up for how they feel – becomes an “inconvenience” to men and they’re taught not to give offense and to consider the feelings of others before their own.

The song for the longing

Revealed me, the left me undressed. To the point of conscience where i knew i was lost, never wanted to be found.
Guts to catch love, but love was to profound to be conquered.
Only one doesn’t matter, deal with two may have come trouble.
Kiss me out of my comfort, and i’ll walk the thorns with you.
“Who would say it’d be easy.. They never promised so. They just said: i’d be worth the journey.”

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Song of the Day: Just You and Me – Zee Avi

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For Women Who Are Difficult To Love by Warsan Shire

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